"Here's the straight dirt. Liz asks all the right questions. And in turn you ask yourself all the right questions. The results of these inquires led me to places where I was able to make positive and deterministic decisions. Life changing and future making decisions. After working with Liz I've been recommending her to everyone I know who needs some help sorting through the overwhelming number of a choices that the world gives us. Do you have this kind of problem or know someone who does? If so talk to Coach Haley and congratulations, it is such a treat!"     - Portland, OR

"Liz was an invaluable help to me during a pivotal point in my life. She's a remarkable coach because she is clear and incisive about practical solutions, but also very imaginative and empathic in tailoring multiple solutions that feel authentic and realistic for your nuanced, specific needs. She is an incredible listener, and I am so grateful for her assistance maneuvering around some major obstacles I was avoiding. The next time I need help, and I will, I'll absolutely call on Liz again."     -   Portland, OR


"You really have that special energy in inspiring and helping people hone in to their truth and call.  It's amazing.”    - Los Angeles, CA

"You are deeply talented at your work. I can't thank you enough for your time and insights this morning."  - Portland, OR


"Liz Haley creates a warm and comfy space as a couples mediator to talk through hard issues. She is incredibly gifted with her specifically instinctual questions that smoothly guide the flow of her coaching sessions. My wife and I were at a hard impasse that was completely loosened by working with Liz. We are so happy to have room in our relationship to move again." - Los Angeles, CA

"Liz’s coaching has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. She works from a place of deep love, wisdom and powerful intuition and brings out the same in me.  I have felt more open-hearted, courageous and clearer about my path as a result of our time together."  - Los Angeles, CA

"I am always thankful for Liz’s patience and honesty. She’s a great listener, something that is all too rare these days and always seems to ask the right questions, which may seem obvious but never are. After each session, I feel excited and full of renewed focus and direction."   - Ventura, CA

"It has been a year now since my sessions with Liz and what strikes me is that I still, frequently, find myself referencing our talks. During our conversations there would be these "AH-HA!" moments of clarity... ended up leading to a much more direct path of self-awareness and drive."  - Portland, OR

"When I first met Liz, I initially took notice of her simply beautiful style and warm energy. After speaking with her, it was her calm presence that drew me in. I was looking for help surrounding my career path and was excited to learn that she provided coaching.  Our sessions together were energizing and always left me feeling motivated to take steps towards my goals. Her insightful questions and observations uncovered a dormant passion of mine. She helped me identify my values, offered encouragement, and brought clarity into my life that I so desperately needed. At the end of 2015, I found the courage to formalize a business that had been stirring within me for years. I know this is just the beginning of a new path, and I attribute a lot of it to Liz’s coaching. For that, I shall always be grateful. (Thank you, Liz!)"   - Ventura, CA