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I feel honored to be able to do this work: to connect with people in a meaningful way, to support the growth and evolution of my clients and to help create the changes I want to see in our society.

Raised an independent spirit and the youngest of six kids, I spent my twenties traveling internationally and playing music in bands. In my thirties, I worked as a professional artist and in 2005 opened a bar/art/music space called Valentines in Portland, OR. After 8 years of ownership, I sold it and my family and I moved to Ventura, CA where I'm a mother of two, surfer and happily partnered for 10 years.

My path to coaching was born from an art project I did about personal transparency.  I hooked myself up to a polygraph (lie detector) machine for 10 days and allowed the public to ask me anything they wished. It was an amazing and profound experience that inspired me to study coaching.  To visit art website click here.

I completed my training at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA and the experience was invaluable. I started my own practice in 2014 and have been coaching and teaching ever since. 

- BA from Evergreen State College
- Mediation skills certification and training from Ventura Center For Dispute Settlement
- Bodywork degree from East West College of the Healing Arts
- National Outdoor Leadership School, program in Patagonia
- Continued training in Non Violent Communication
- Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat