We explore and discover things together with openness and honesty. 
I challenge you to be brave, to stay away from what diminishes you and to nurture what supports who you are. I ask you to take clear steps towards change and transformation and to rise up and be your best self.

I commit to confidentiality, transparency and non-judgment- 
cultivating trust and openness is core to my practice.


+   Ask discerning questions for clarity and insight
+   Help process feelings and identify needs
+   Use and teach positive communication skills and cultivate mindfulness
+   Help improve personal and/or professional relationships
+   Devise schedules for efficient productivity and healthy lifestyle habits
+   Listen for resonance, inconsistency or patterns
+   Recognize and help manage self-limiting beliefs and fears
+   Support decision-making that aligns with personal values
+   Act as a thought partner and ally to bring ideas and projects to life
+   Create practical strategies to forward action and provide accountability
+   Encourage intentional living and striving for the life you want
+   Listen, reflect, support, prioritize, challenge, empower, inspire 



My training was completed in 2014 through a rigorous program in Co-Active coaching at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. I am on schedule to receive an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation in 2016.

+   Continuing education training, classes, workshops and conferences

+   Ongoing Non-Violent Communication training and practice

+   Staying current with field-related topics including: affective neuroscience and personal/executive/leadership coaching, etc.

+   Surfing, hiking, yoga and meditation (10-day silent Vipassana retreat)

+   Being a mother, maintaining a loving partnership of 10 years, cultivating close and inspiring friendships, connecting with nature

+   Creating art and music and designing spaces dedicated to simplicity and beauty