Learning Waves

Learning Waves is a surf experience and a personal exploration. It uses surfing as a platform to talk about life and is offered as a private session or small group workshop.  Like the waves, it will be different every time. 

We learn the basics of surfing, how to paddle, pop-up, safety and etiquette but we also attune to the rhythms of nature.  We stare at the ocean and observe the wind, the pull of the moon, how the waves rise and fall as individuals and flow into one ocean of being together. We talk about what you fear and what you love. We share stories and ask questions. We breathe, stretch, let go and have fun. We trust ourselves to be brave enough to try something new. 

The waves, the tides, our lives are ever-changing. Moving into the ocean inspires comfort with moving into the unknown. Empowerment, self-reliance, resourcefulness, courage, patience, humbleness-the ocean teaches you everything.

Let’s learn together.