What is Coaching?


Coaching is a thought-provoking and effective process designed to bring  insight, value and fulfillment to your life. As your coach, I trust that you are resourceful, creative and hold your own wisdom.  Often our own knowing gets clouded by the opinions of others or buried in self-doubt. Part of my focus is to help you discover your own answers
and live up to your own ideals. 

As a society, this time in our history is more complex than ever.  It brings new technologies, exciting opportunities and possibilities never before available.
It also brings a host of new complications: information overload/social media/technology addiction as well as unstable economic, work and living environments. In this emerging and shifting landscape, it is easy to feel insecure, overwhelmed and disconnected.


Developing strategies of intentional living is vital now more than ever.  


On a larger scale, this powerful act of personal development is a catalyst for cultural, social, and political change.