Raised the youngest of six kids, I learned both collaboration and independence at a young age and have often been inspired by curiosity and adventure. Travels though Central America at age 19 began a lifelong love affair with surfing and the ocean and I'm grateful for how these explorations expanded my mind and heart. 

I earned a BA from Evergreen State College and worked as a professional artist for over a decade. Exploring themes of humanity, intimacy and honesty - the work was exhibited nationally and internationally.

My path to coaching was born from an art project I did in 2007 about personal transparency. I hooked myself up to a polygraph (lie detector) machine and allowed the public to ask me anything they wished. I learned a lot about myself and other people through that project but what fascinated me most was what happened when you put people together in a safe and honest space and start asking meaningful questions. It was amazing. The inspiration and empowerment from that experience led me, years later, to pursue coaching. 

Another learning experience was starting and owning a bar/restaurant/music/art venue in downtown Portland, OR called Valentines for eight years. I made many mistakes but with the support of an amazing crew of people, it became an intimate and beloved space. To most accounts, it was a success but in the end I wasn't happy, felt trapped and knew I was in the wrong place doing the wrong work. Towards the end of that time, several personal events- becoming a Mom and the death of 2 people I loved dearly- reminded me that life is so very precious and that I needed to make some changes. I sold my business in Portland, we sold our house and moved to Ventura, CA- where I love living and finally feel at home.

In 2014, I completed a challenging and transformative coach training program at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA and have been coaching ever since. I truly love it, feel honored to connect with and help my clients and am proud of the work we do together.
It's worth the work to make the changes you want in your life. 

Begin now.